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OEM Replacement Seals Rubber Products
Hxseals Industry Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

OEM Replacement Seals rubber products

Rubber products in the vulcanization is often completed after the need for some post-processing, in order to become qualified products. This includes: ① rubber mold products to the edge of the dressing, so that the surface smooth, shape size to meet the requirements; ② after some special processing, such as the surface of the product for processing, so that the use of special-purpose products have improved performance; Products containing fabric skeleton such as tape, tires and other products to be hot-drawn cooling and curing in the inflation pressure after cooling to ensure that the product size, shape stability and good performance.

First, the mold after curing the dressing

Rubber mold products in the vulcanization, the rubber material will extend the mold part of the surface and other parts of the flow out, the formation of overflow plastic edge, also known as the burr or flash, the number of glue and thickness depends on the mold structure, Flatness of flat plate vulcanizing machine flat plate and the amount of adhesive glue. Now the production of endless mold products, rubber is particularly thin, sometimes from the mold when it was brought away or gently rub can be removed. But this mold cost is high, easy to damage, most of the rubber molded products in the vulcanization after the need for dressing treatment.


Handmade trimming is an ancient trimming method, which includes hand punching with a punch; with scissors, scratched and other tools to remove the glue edge. The quality and speed of the rubber products, which are manually operated, will vary from person to person and require dressing

The geometry of the aftermath must conform to the requirements of the product drawing without scratches, scratches and deformations. Before the repair must be clear repair parts and technical requirements, to master the correct method of dressing and the correct use of tools.

Mechanical finishing refers to the use of a variety of special machines and the corresponding process of rubber mold products for trimming & 5 process. It is currently more advanced dressing method.

(1) mechanical punching trimming with pressure machinery and die, punching knife, remove the product of the plastic edge. This method applies to the product and its plastic side can be placed on the die or punching the floor of the model products, such as corks, cups and so on. For the high rate of plastic, the hardness of small products generally use the impact method of impact cutting edge, so that can be reduced due to the larger elastic products caused by the edge of the knife after the uneven, side depression; and low rate of plastic, high hardness Of the products, you can directly take the knife die method of punching. In addition, the punching is also divided into cold cut and eagerly, cold cut is at room temperature posture punching, requiring the device punching pressure is higher, punching the quality is better; eagerly at a higher temperature-f, Punching should be to prevent high temperature contact products for too long, affecting product quality.

(2) mechanical cutting trimming for larger dimensions of the trimming products, the use of cutting tools. A cutting machine is a special machine, different products using different cutter. For example, after the tire vulcanization surface gas and exhaust line parts of the length of the strip, must be used in tire rotation conditions with a groove with the tape to remove.

(3) Mechanical Grinding Trimming For molded rubber products with bore and outer circumference, grinds are usually used. Grinding the cutting tool for the grain of a certain thickness of the grinding wheel, grinding the edge of the lower precision, grinding surface roughness may be caught with residual sand, affecting the use of results.

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