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Hot Mechanical Seals Performance Requirements
Hxseals Industry Co.,Limited | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

hot mechanical seals Performance requirements

First, the mechanical seal of the performance requirements:

1, leakage. When the sealed medium is liquid, the average leakage amount is as follows: When the shaft (or sleeve) is larger than 50mm, the leakage amount is not more than 5mL / h; when the shaft (or sleeve) outer diameter is not more than 50mm, the leakage amount is not Greater than 3mL / h. For special conditions and the sealed medium is not subject to this limit.

2, wear volume. The amount of wear to meet the mechanical seal of the use of the requirements. Usually with water as a medium for testing, running 100h soft material seal ring wear is not greater than 0.02mm.

3, in the selection of reasonable, the use of the correct installation, the sealed medium for the water, oil, non-corrosive and similar media, the mechanical seal of the use of the general is not less than one year, the sealing medium for corrosive media , The mechanical seal of the use of the period is generally six months, but in the use of harsh conditions are not subject to this limit.

4, mechanical seal static pressure test test pressure for the product high pressure of 1.25 times, for 15min its indicators for the shaft (or sleeve) diameter greater than 50mm, converted leakage is not greater than 5mL / h; axis (or sleeve) Diameter not more than 50mm, conversion leakage is not greater than 3mL / h.

Second, the mechanical seal of the main parts of the technical requirements:

1, the sealing surface of the flatness and roughness requirements

The degree of flatness deviation of the sealing end face is not more than 0.0009 mm; the large allowable value of the sealing surface roughness R of the metal material is 0.2 m, and the large allowable value of the end surface roughness R of the non-metallic material is 0.4 m.

2, the static ring and the rotating ring of the sealing end of the auxiliary ring contact with the degree of parallelism according to GB 1184-80 "shape position tolerance does not specify the tolerance of the provisions of the 7 level tolerance.

3, the static ring and the rotating ring and the auxiliary ring contact surface roughness R of the large allowable value of 3.2μm, cylindrical or bore size tolerance h8 or H8.

4, static ring seal end face with the static ring auxiliary sealing ring contact with the outside of the vertical, rotary ring seal for the rotary ring auxiliary seal contact with the vertical hole, according to GB 1184--70 7 level tolerance.

5, graphite ring, filled with PTFE ring and assembly of the rotating ring, static ring to do water pressure test. Check the pressure; for the non-balanced mechanical seal seal ring 0. 9807MPa; for the balance of mechanical seal ring 2.3536MPa, for 10min should not have leakage.

6, spring diameter, diameter, free height, working pressure, spring center line and the vertical tolerance of the face value, according to the national standard on the spring standard accuracy requirements. For multi-spring mechanical seals, the same set of mechanical seals in the spring between the free height difference of not more than 0.5mm.

7, spring seat, transmission seat hole size tolerance F9, roughness R large allowable value of 3.2μm. The

8, rubber O-ring technical requirements with reference to the relevant national standards.

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